We Understand and Exceed Expectations

Unlike many competitors’ systems, Allworx gives you the luxury of choice in telephone technology. Our systems support both analog and VoIP phones — in any combination. That means you can adapt new technology all at once, or build up gradually. Either way, you have entered into the world of effortless communication.

When it comes to understanding and exceeding customers expectations, no one does it better than Allworx. All our systems are designed and manufactured with five key attributes, each of equal importance:

Innovation, Value, Reliability, Customer Focus, and Quality.

The result is that rare and unique combination of products that meets your needs today and tomorrow, works every day without interruption, has capabilities beyond others, lasts for generations, and provides cost savings from the very first day.

Allworx makes it effortless to communicate. That’s why Allworx is the right choice for your business.

View a short video that explains Allworx Attitude

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