Submitting Service Desk Requests

Telephone – 1-866-520-6414

Calls are answered in the order in which they are received. If all technicians are unavailable, the caller will be placed on hold in the call queue and will be transferred to a technician as soon as one becomes available.

The Service Desk will create or update a ticket for each call received, whether the issue is in or out of scope. For requests in scope, the Service Desk technician will attempt to work the issue to resolution. If there is a need for further investigation, the Service Desk will follow up with the caller once the investigation has been completed. When additional support is needed or the call is for a Project Request, the Service Desk will assign the ticket to the appropriate resource.

Emails –

The Service Desk can receive service requests via email and will create tickets for new requests. Emails are processed in the order received, however, they should be limited to low priority issues as there can be up to a six-hour response time.

For those requests requiring client interaction, a technician will contact the client within six hours of email receipt. For Desktop Project Requests and other requests that can be completed without client interaction, the email will be acknowledged within six hours. Desktop Project Requests will be completed by the next morning or within 24 hours as discussed above.

For email requests to be processed, the following information must be included in the body of the email:

Requester’s full name
Client company name
Call-back number(s)
Detailed description of the issue
If this information is not in the email request and the client cannot be determined from the return address, the Service Desk will be unable to create a ticket or contact the client so no further action can be taken.

Web Portal Tickets

Tickets can be assigned to the Service Desk through a web portal specially provided for each client.

For tickets created by the Client, it is important to understand that no matter what priority is set, all tickets are handled in the order received.

Incoming tickets will be placed in the Service Desk ticket queue and the client will be contacted within six hours.